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50 affiches d’Indignés

Posté par Aurélie le 30 mars 2012

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Voici une sélection d’affiches créées à l’occasion du mouvement des Indignés. Espagne, Etats-Unis, Mexique, Asie : ces posters révolutionnaires empruntent souvent aux mêmes codes graphiques, à savoir :

DecoBallerina by Camila Schindler de Souza Occupy Wall Street They are loosing control Bull Shit by James Occupy-The-Globe-Katherine-Morton Butcher Bull Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung Cut This by Josh MacPhee EVILution-Rob-Petrasek LiberdadeRio by would occupy Banks Took Our Money by Seth Tobocman Decolonize WallSt  - Ernesto Yerena, Orlando Arenas, Sandra Castro & Ricardo Lopez Occupy Joe Hill by Lester Dore Ninety Nine Percent by Sav Kyriacou Obamaccupy.jpg Times Up by Dave Loewenstein Occupy Jakarta by Nobodycorp.Internationale Unlimited OccupyUSA © Krysteff Bournemouth, UK Freedom-Black-Out-Fred-Davis JobCreators ©Brad Kayal San Francisco, CA Monopolio-Juan Monopoly Tower © Lalo Alcaraz, Los Angeles Dollar Tower by Jeanne Verdoux Not Equal by Aaron Kuehn Oakland General Strike by Rich Black Save Medicaid by Xavier Viramontes This-Shits-Got-To-Go-andrea-pescosolido Making It Without The Masters by Alon Raab and Steve Patapoff Ninety-Nine-Per-Cent-Alfred-Lippincott occupy-wall-street-4 Question Answer by Kennard Phillipps Who Really Runs This Land by Mike Nickells occupy-wall-street-17 occupy-wall-street-15 World Is Watching Nick Seman Budget Cut by Jesse G Salute One Percent by Jay Bryant Occupy Toronto.jpg Organize Online by Steve Alfaro Tip Of The Iceberg by Dave Loewenstein Fist 99 Percent by Ray Cross Occupy Naples by Christine Fuller Occupy Cedar City by Michael Barker Revolution-Continues-Tarek-Salhany Revolution Will Not Be Privatized © Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung Occupy Dataran by Fahmi Reza Occupy DC by Anthony Nomorosa Occupy Wall Street.jpg DiceMan by Nobodycorp.Internationale Unlimited, indonesia thumb-Affiche-occupy-Indignes Terrorist ID Chart by Mark Miller We Are Many Mexico Ruben Ochoa

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Aurélie Bernard

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