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external spiral staircase

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The bold accent can give statement of your house. We found several but settled on Salter. Fresh design for fresh mind, use the eye-catching color such as turquoise to make a playful room. Shop today! Easy to install, budget friendly Spiral Stairs are available for almost any indoor or outdoor application. You can customize with your limited area inside the house but still have the quality of classy interior as well. Odd there was no cap for the centerpost, or any touch up paint included in the package. 30 watching. The best material known used for staircase are steel and wood. Definitely necessary to take careful measurements and think through the design and placement of the stair- these are not always am easy DIY project to pull off seamlessly. AU $400.90. Spiral Stairs Spiralworks offers custom built Internal and External spiral staircases, supplying to home, commercial and domestic environments. Overall quality was good. The attention to detail was insane. Salter is proud to use premium American materials and regulations. Kevin was very accommodating and helpful throughout the design process and making our order. No missing parts and the unit arrived on time. Following this period (where gases slowly escape the stair) the metal surface of the stairs turns a battle-ship gray that offers a rugged and worn charm perfect for shore home and other seaside settings. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Check the floor to floor measure. He performed at the high standard my team needed to go across the country and purchase from Salter.Can't comment on the finish, etc as we are "sheltering" and this project is shut down til further. Terms & ConditionsWarrantyShippingAbout UsContact. Closed end tread with grating to allow precipitation to fall through. It is very sturdy. The wood creates the warmth atmosphere inside the house. was no longer an impediment and opted for that and didn't need the stairs.During the first two iterations, Scott never hesitated to provide drawings/ideas no cost. Immediately following the galvanization process, the stair turns a shiny chrome. Each model is custom made in terms of height and diameter and there is a choice of tread finishes and balustrade infill options. But for bigger area, you can do more. Offered in mahogany or cedar. Not a big problem as customer service is sending an additional ballister to finish off the bottom main. Everything arrived in good condition and jsut as he said it would. Oct 22, 2019 - Not all beautiful staircases are indoors, browse our external staircases. Your email address will not be published. Custom design your stair to be ideal for your setting. FIREThe only bad thing I could say about this place is that the whole grain mustard they have there is by far the worst I've had in my whole life.Other than that, this place deserves some trophies for being a great place to bring a friend or a tinder date that you don't want to take too seriously. The helix type of wood spiral staircase produces the simple style of a house to reach the second floor by maximizing the limited area. Theme by Tunggal Manunggal, 35+ DIY Bunk Beds for Kids that Will Save a Lot of Bedroom Space, 38+ Living Room Rug Ideas to Breath New Life Into Your Old Floors, 32 Bathroom Shower Ideas That Will Inspire You, 27 Creative DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Cozy Home, 35+ Beautiful Bathroom Paint Colours That Always Look Fresh and Clean. We purchased galvanized stairs from Salter years ago when we were originally going to build a deck on top of our roof and required stairs that were 19' off the ground. We offer a complete package service, starting with our in-house drafting. Amazing Engineering and Precision. We can handle all types of design including steel spiral staircases, external spiral staircases, conventional fire escapes stairs and other formats, such as helical escape stairs, access spiral stairs and enclosures. Spiral Staircases A spiral staircase is an attractive, durable, and space-saving choice for a home or office building. View the rest of our wood tread options. This external spiral staircase is made with fully galvanised steel and features non-slip perforated treads and steel spindles. We cut a 5'x5' hole in the dining room ceiling and when the staircase arrived, it was very easy to install. They can be designed into tall and slim. For outdoor such as garden, steel staircase is the best choice. Have you ever imagine to combine showstopper and metalwork inside the house? The chosen colors of rainbow boost the creativity in mind and easily refresh idea when you feel run out of them. The matched colors can be stand out for the rest of the house. If you have more than one level to connect and not much room, spiral staircases work very well out of doors. A galvanized, metal spiral staircase offers an outdoor solution that’s long-lasting, maintenance-free, and budget-friendly. Our well enclosures are designed to blend perfectly into your stair’s railing to create a uniform look of quality. Our spiral staircases are supplied across the UK and Europe – we have even delivered to Antigua! SPIRAL STAIRCASE mod. My wife, educated in AutoCAD and design work, designed the plans. Mylen Stairs Condor 42-in x 13.34-ft 2 Platform Rails White Spiral Staircase Kit. Because of Covid, permitting was a real hassle not because of the stairs but because everything was closed, people were working from home and the County Reviewer was difficult to access & communicate with, creating a lot more work & help from Scott, which he never, ever seemed bothered by.Salter Stairs has a solid, strong product and excellent customer support. You also don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for the lower price point. Thanks:), order was filled promptly and support was provided by the customer service dept, Great tech support for installation, affordable product. External Spiral Staircases. Our galvanized spiral stair also works for generating a unique industrial theme for warehouse style homes or any other style home with a rough or raw look to it. External Spiral Staircases. Out-performed two local companies to win our business. Even Salter’s wooden handrails, available for aluminum , come in one solid piece to add to the handcrafted appeal of your stair. The boxing, upon delivery, showed puncture damage in 3 places. The stairs were not. View our finish options. Our non-slip diamond plate also offers added safety. In little space, such as library area, you can use the vintage accent to make it warm and first with color to make them blend. Working with Ralph DiDomenico in the order process was was a great experience. but all the treads were the same height - this actually worked out as the total stair height was just right - but this is concerning as the floor-to-floor height must have been incorrect. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Our Exterior Range of Spiral Staircase Kits is ideal for outdoor applications, whether you want easy access to a balcony from your garden, or you are connecting a lower outdoor level to an exterior doorway, whatever your requirements you will find a great range of exterior spiral staircases in this section. ... Pine External Wooden Timber Stair Kit Ezistep 5 Step Vertical Height of 960mm. You can see more of this staircase project here. Building a spiral staircase is a bit more complicated than building a regular staircase, but with the right tools and careful planning, it’s still within the average homeowner’s budget and skillset. How to design a Spiral Staircase. External Spiral Staircases. We've used Salter on a few projects now and have been able offer spirals at an affordable price! I would prepare yourself for a little self-ingenuity and patience, and you might halve to make a call for some clarification on a few items relating to understanding the installation guide. That said, as described and on time. There were a couple of issues that i had to contact the company about; the first tread was supposed to be shorter by 2 inches to account for the base. Very high quality and the kind of sturdiness you want to feel going up and down the stairs. Salter was awesome to work with. For over thirty years, Stairways Inc. has designed, produced, and delivered metal spiral staircases and metal spiral stair kits to commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout the United States as well as worldwide. The staircase is very well built!Had it not been for the shipping/delivery snafu, the stairs would have earned 5 stars. I have given them a thumbs down for responsiveness and punctuality because i have emailed my sales rep without response, and i have left two messages today asking for a return call to order the cover, and still no response. Being, that we were 7 hours away, from the shipping address, the shipping/delivery dates needed to be accurate, and of the upmost importance!The packaging/boxing needs improvement. It is easier with 3 people. Our in-house design and engineering teams have gathered all of the information necessary to do everything from designing to installing your stairs with ease. We had thought that a pull down set of stairs would have be suffice, but I was really the only one that would go up and down them, except for the kids.. lol. Install a balustrade and a rest point half way down. Absolutely worth the extra money for custom cut stairs for the visual appeal alone, but we actually saved significant time on the install as well so the whole package ended up costing less than the budget one. He was calling me constantly before i paid the price for the stairs, now i can't seem to get in touch with him, so service after the sale is lacking. We don't just cater for interiors, we also supply a great range of spiral stairs for outdoor use too! Diameters = Ø 120 cm - 140 cm - 160 cm The basic model gives you a total of 13 Risers Total height min/max = 2730/2990 mm Risers adjust from 210 to 230mm (220 is UK Max rise height) The flexible style of spiral staircase in huge and narrow area is a brilliant idea to be implemented in our own house to make it gorgeous. The way the home was built would not allow for a staircase. Get the best stairs for your budget. is an adjustable, economically The Nice1 63 in. External Spiral Staircase The stairs in our external spiral staircase range are a cost effective, robust solution for both commercial and domestic applications. Spiral staircase is the best choice to be applied in limited area. And thanks Salter Spiral Stairs for your exceptional craftsmanship!Satisfied customer Terry Thomas, Overall the stairs are excellent. From sales to customer service we were treated with respect and had answers in a timely manner. To create an impression of busy houses, it is very suitable even in the smallest design. Your email address will not be published. Must have experience with tools prior installation. I will share with others and highly recommend them for your staircase project! Overall, a positive experience, and excellent customer support during the design & purchase phases. We decided to expand our home to create an easier access to the unfinished attic space. Or fill out this form to receive our detailed product brochure and to schedule your free consultation. All spiral staircases are packaged into a kit for the easiest and most cost-effective transport through the best local carriers, and delivered anywhere in North America. Salter’s railing system is not only available in several looks from minimalist to ornate for the balusters, but also much stronger than competitors thanks to our use of 1″ diameter tubing over industry standard 3/4″. It is not completely done but it looks good and easy to put up. Call today to order your metal stairs and metal spiral staircases. Drink a beer and don't skip dessert.Seriously for a chain, this place fires on all cylinders.-The vibe is cool and moody-The selection is eclectic-Arguably the best fries in town-Apple pie ice cream sandwich out of left field is. Overall. External White Spiral with Horizontal Balustrade Estairs offer two ranges of steel staircases suitable for outdoor use:- Italian Spiral Stairs which are available in limited sizes and colours with a … The response, was to ship the stairs, the middle of the delivery week, which would make their arrival, at a time, that no one would be at the shipping address, to receive them! Would highly recommend them to others. For added support, our team is here to help. Choose low maintenance galvanized or aluminum spiral stairs for exterior installations. Steel Staircases Combine Functionality and Design, Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Check the 20 models of spiral staircases by around the word staircases designers to renovate your ordinary house into high class and sophisticated one. See what unique aesthetics await you and call our friendly designers now. Spiral Staircases in the UK and Beyond. size fits all stairs. We created a bedroom at one end. At the top is a large platform with glass balustrade. A galvanized, metal spiral staircase offers an outdoor solution that’s long-lasting, maintenance-free, and budget-friendly. Based on 608 reviews Google Rating. delivered less that original quote witch put a few extra dollars in my pocket that rarely happens they are a great company! With Salter Stair, you get what you pay for. It works in little space a lot. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget. Econo Stair worked great for our needs, and was actually kind of fun to install. Lots of Information to help you with the design of your new staircase. The compact design of spiral staircase can be applied in studio houses as well. Easy to install stairs. Metal spiral staircase kits from Stairways Inc. are available in stainless steel, marine grade aluminum and galvanized steel versions. The customer service is great. It must be a split cover to apply later. Historical building such as castles, estates and even churches has the symbolic architecture implemented in the design of the building. More than being a durable metal staircase at a budget-friendly price point, our galvanized staircase line also offers an irreplaceable aesthetic that makes it ideal for nautical settings such as shore homes with decks or docks. So my wife searched for a spiral staircase instead. If you want to see our other external spiral stair projects, click here. We look forward to using this company again and again. The rest I am very happy with. It is not only simple but also has a lot of models and flexible in limited space. Keep your stairs’ construction materials the same as the rest of the balcony. this is the Module Exterior Spiral Staircase we also offer the Civic Zink spiral staircase. One of the symbolic part of the building is the staircase in which the spiral staircase to exhibit the artistic and luxurious building. Over all experience: we could not have made a happier decision and the company, especially working with Claudia, she was nice to work with when ordering. Give the best vision to your house by place the staircase to the center to make it as the focus.

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