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jackpot records wipers

Posté par le 1 décembre 2020

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The latest remaster by Jackpot/ Zeno Records is a touch better than previous versions, but has not solved the problem of an overall weak, faint sound, there is still seemingly no deep bass anywhere. is a lavish tribute to one of the greatest recordings of the last 30 years. The Wipers 'Live At The Met, December 31st 1982' Vinyl LP. Remastered from original tapes as provided by Greg Sage himself, the LP is pressed on audiophile gra Re-mastered from the original master tapes. The box set contains the first three Wipers LPs plus a selection of essential bonus material. 82801. "Unquestionably Portland's most well-loved punk group, the Wipers formed in the late 1970s and in 1980 released their debut LP, Is This Real? Jackpot Records is proud to announce the highly sought after WIPERS Land Of The Lost LP. Sage now lives in Arizona, tends to the Wipers’ legacy via his own label, Zeno Records, and generally enjoys his privacy. 1st of the Jackpot label pressings: hype sticker on shrink wrap has "Limited Edition Vinyl", and is without bar code. Bonus 7” 45 with four songs from the original 4 track sessions. Artwork and audio re-master by Greg Sage. Discography. 82801. … Full of desperation and yearning, the LP has stood as a blueprint for wretched youth for over 25 years. While it was reissued on compact disc and available as a part of the Wipers Boxed Set (Zeno), this is the first time “Is This Real?” has been available on vinyl in the U.S. since its initial release. The classic Wipers sound: Fast, Fuzzy, Moody. Nick Mason / Pink Floyd See Emily Play / Vegetable Man [RSD20] Legacy … Limited Vinyl Edition. Wipers (Youth Of America) Vinyl. the bonus track songs are: "Mystery," "Tragedy," "Let's Go Away," and "Is This Real? Limited to 1500 copies. j Email us about this product v. Jackpot Records. Greek music magazines reviewed their records as early as 1982-1983. Includes individually autographed concert poster by Greg Sage. Complete with a printed insert that replicates the original inner sleeve, the Jackpot Records reissue of "Is This Real?" Handpicked by Greg Sage, the songs date from 1979-1983, the same years as 2020 repress. Limited edition vinyl.13 rare and unreleased cuts from 1979-1983 hand picked by Greg Sage.Re-mastered from the original master tapes.Featuring 13 rare and unreleased cuts, “Out Takes” collects unheard songs, demo recordings, and alternate mixes. Originally released in 1986 on Restless Records. Quantity . Some of that bonus material is also available on the Jackpot Records record, Out Takes, which we happen to sell. On The Herd’s slower pieces, such as “Wind The Clock Slowly”, … After two years of labor, including an immaculate remaster from the original tapes by Greg Sage, we are proud to present Over The Edge, pressed on audiophile grade vinyl and packaged in a deluxe, tip-on sleeve." Greg Sage was -and still is- a cult hero and has also played solo in full clubs in Athens after Wipers . “Youth of America” is pressed on high-quality vinyl at RTI and packaged in a sturdy, old-fashioned tip-on sleeve. ARTWORK. Wipers - The Herd (Vinyl LP) 16.00. The record label offers up rare and collectible reissues true to form in every way possible. Pressed high grade vinyl $ 16.00 Add to cart. Featuring 9 original tracks w/ locked groov - Anniversary Vinyl Edition Jackpot Records (Limited Edition RSD 2020) Limit One Per Customer $ 25.00 Read more. Jackpot Records and Sage later reissued Is This Real?, Youth of America and Over the Edge on vinyl. Artwork and audio re-master by Greg Sage. Originally released in 1986 on Restless Records. No expense was spared to recreate the look and feel of the original down to the hand wrapped jacket. Continuing Jackpot's series of Chess Records reissues, this compilation of landmark original studio singles from Chicago blues artist Howlin' Wolf, were originally recorded from 1954-65. Enigma Records, Restless, Zeno Records, Jackpot Records: Associated acts: Wipers: Greg Sage (born October 21, 1952) is an American songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist, regarded as an important influence on many punk rock and post-punk artists. released originally in 1978. reissued Artwork and audio re-master by Greg Sage. Since Jackpot Records began our Wipers vinyl reissues in 2006, we've been inundated with requests for a reissue of Over The Edge. Bonus 7” 45 with four songs from the original 4 track sessions. Please-one per customer / household Jackpot Records (Limited Edition RSD 2020) $ 25.00 Read more. The impact of the early Wipers records on the musical scene of the 1990s cannot be over-emphasized. This RTI audiophile pressing of Exotic Moog on colored vinyl starts off the Jackpot Records reissue campaign of Martin Denny classics, coming out in 2020. Details Format: Vinyl Label: Jackpot Records Rel. Simply obliterating any conception of the Wi Early years. Wipers hard to find and highly sought after 4th studio record.

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