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l2a anthropology test series

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… I have decided to take anthropology as my optional subject. Hellow Sir It will help you understand the demand of UPSC and course-correct your answers’ content and way of structuring. I referred to the following sources for a few topics just to pick up relevant content to improve upon already made notes:– IGNOU Material– Sosin Mam Notes– Braintree Notes– e-PG pathshala initiative– Internet browsing– Sachin Gupta Sir Notes– Anthropology Simplified by Dr. Vivek Bhasme– Koya Shree Harsha Sir’s Answer Copies– Case Studies from Newspapers, EPW, Vaid’s ICS Whatsapp group, etc.– Few episodes of Mein Bhi Bharat Series of RSTV. These papers have been collected from Internet/Institutes where these students handwritten Anthropology Test Series. 177) Ashok Nagar X Roads, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad – 500020, Telangana, India. This test series consists of 9 Sectional Tests + 4 Full-Length Tests + 4 Essay Tests. It is definitely possible to get good marks in Anthropology without coaching, many have done it. And how yo made notes on starting topics in syllabus 1.1-1.2-1.3 . IASbaba TLP OPTIONAL MAINS TEST SERIES 2019 (OFFLINE and ONLINE) – SOCIOLOGY, ANTHROPOLOGY, GEOGRAPHY, POLITICAL SCIENCE, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Hope you have aced the prelims exam and are ready to begin your March towards the mains exam. ANTHROPOLOGY MAINS TEST SERIES-CSE-2021; 12th Dec Online Test Series for CSE-2021 from 12th DEC Our Test Series will not help students to predict; but will prepare them in writing Precise, Clear, Concise and Conclusive answers to whatever questions they might face in the exam. … Is it possible to clear this optional by the self studies ? Anthropology; Public Administration; Geography; Sociology; Daily Answer Writing. All other ADVICE are welcomed. We were able to complete this exercise by the end of July 2018. Most of The Material Is Already Available On Internet . I understand about Test Series, but my question pertaining to the theory classes.) P.S. : I will be sharing my Anthropology sample notes on Telegram Channel (t.me/shreyansupsc), AIR 4, CSE 2018 L2A Anthropology Test Series (1-16) ₹ 900.00 ₹ 600.00 UPSC BOOKSHOP: we are providing UPSC, IIT JEE, MEDICAL, SSC CGL Study … Reiteration to improve qualityFrom January 2018, In order to improve the notes and plug the gaps, I decided to reiterate the topic-wise Q&As. In any answer of Anthropology, we tried to address the demand of the question in a holistic manner.1) Define important terms using scholars and their ideas2) Adding diagrams, description to diagrams, flowcharts wherever possible3) Trying to analyze/describe the topic from different perspectives4) Adding a contemporary/current aspect in the conclusion5) Trying to connect Paper II aspects in Paper I e.g. 4. This segment caters to between 100 to 200 marks in the UPSC CSE … If you feel it is time consuming, either do it with your friends or do it for those topics which you find difficult to comprehend. ANTHROPOLOGY TEST SERIES CSE-2020 Online/Offline ... L2A™ An Institute for IAS Exam (By a Group of JNUites) Web: www.l2a.in Email: l2adelhi@gmail.com Contact: 011-25721833 7 │98, GF floor, Old Rajender Nagar, near Axis Bank, ND: 60│ │ Mob: 9821805141│ L2A – Learn 2 Achieve, is an Institute for IAS examination established by a Group of JNUites to accomplish your dreams of IAS come true with the wisdom and experience of the JNU’s bright brains. 2) IGNOU module on Anthropology 7/50 - 2nd Floor, Shankar Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110060. Because of this time crunch, I could neither make any topic-wise notes nor opt for any test series. How should I start my preparation? -Students can go through the Test … 7/50 - 2nd Floor, Shankar Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110060. I am not getting exactly . sir please share your l2a copies soon sir. Also, repeated revisions of the notes as well as the daily answers written helped in improving the confidence before the final exam. The Anthropology Test Series Has 6 Subjective Tests + 1 Objective Test. UPSC Prelims Test Series UPSC Mains Test Series UPSC Optional Test Series E Contact US – [email protected] Note & Disclaimer – All Study Materials Here are shared Only For Educational Purposes . We are always in a continuous pursuit to improve ourselves from the feedback that we get from our students. We used to check each other’s answers and suggested improvement in content and structure. In Paper I, Part I i.e. 177) Ashok Nagar X Roads, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad – 500020, Telangana, India. Compilation contains Anthropology papers of Toppers (Krishna Kant Patel, sachin Gupta, Shiv Narayan Sharma, Sumit Kumar, Swapneel Paul, Abhinav chouksey , Anupama, Anjali , Ashima Mittal, Ayush Sinha, bhuvanesh Patil, Chandeesh) . 1-10-196(New No. H.No. anthropology test series 2018, Sosin anthropology test series, anthropology test series pdf, l2a anthropology test series, sapiens anthropology test series, Vaid anthropology test Series Hii Sir, I completed my graduation in botany, zoology and chemistry. 9650852636. Part-1 Sosin Mam Anthropology Notes pdf Download Part-2 Sosin Mam Anthropology Notes pdf Download Check this: Anthropology UPSC Blog, Syllabus, Notes, Books 7678508541. In the daily answer practice, I tried to reproduce them within limited time. H.No. Archeology syllabus from both Paper-1 and Paper-2 is dealt with in a great detail. By November 2018, I created basic notes in Q&A format and got it corrected from the institute. Email: info@sosinclasses.com. if we look at the past few years, many of our students secured good ranks and scored high marks, most of them … Required fields are marked *. We also conduct test series programme for Prelims, Mains and daily answer writing sessions. I had not started yet any preparation due to exams and will start from august 2019. Here is Sosin Mam Anthropology Notes pdf for UPSC CSE Mains Exam. 1) Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology by NK Vaid Though I have found a set of video lectures which I am referring for having the basic understanding of the concepts. Will you plz upload your answer copy of l2a or any other if possible? Hence if it is the area of strength, one can score very good marks. ( Like I have Sosin Mam lecture videos but I haven’t started to watch them yet. Anthropology Test Series; Political Science Test Series; GS Mains Test Series; Geography Test Series; Sociology Test Series; Optional. You can go through strategy of Zoology toppers to get a better idea. My total is 291. L2A Test Series 1-7- 2018, Study Material for Anthropology. Creating notes in the form of Question-Answers using Basic books, Coaching Notes, Websites, IGNOU Material, etc. And I am currently pursuing my graduation from IIT KHARAGPUR, so it’s quite difficult for me to take any coaching classes for this subject and it’s totally a new subject for me. It is observed that those students who have regularly attended our “ UPSC Anthropology test series” have performed exceptionally well in Anthropology optional mains … Also, in order to ensure the practice of appropriate “section selection” in the full test, I had taken 4 tests at L2A Institute. L2A Model Answer, Test Series 1-7 - 2018, Contemporary topics by Practising Anthropologists, … After finalizing Anthropology as my optional for Civil Services examination, I tried to cover different aspects in order to complete its preparation before Mains 2018. This became the notes which can be referred to later. Starting of the PreparationTo begin with, I joined Vaid’s ICS (in Delhi) and got basic books in June 2017. ( Like I am a beginner to this subject, have no clue but I have to two years to prepare and I will be giving my first attempt in 2021. About L2A. Sosin Mam Anthropology Notes are recommended by many toppers. Part II: Physical Anthropology– Physical Anthropology by BM Das– Vaid’s ICS Notes, 3. Coaching was 2.5-month of classes and they covered ~60% syllabus in class and provided material for the rest. 3. You can refer to the sample notes. Evaluation of papers is … Many institutions like L2A,Sapiens,LaEX etc offer online test series for Anthropology. Branch Office: A-5, Second Floor, Raj Tower, Commercial Complex, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi - 110009 Mobile: +91-9868560857; … we have mooted a new idea about approaching this discipline in an anthropological way, that has turned into making this subject easy and scoring. One of the best Test series ,recommended by Toppers. It is one of the subjects which interests you too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Part I: Socio-Cultural Anthropology– Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology by NK Vaid– Ember & Ember (for Linguistic Anthropology)– History of Anthropological Thought by Upadhyay and Pandey (for Basic Theories)– Website — the University of Alabama (for modern & contemporary Theories)– Vaid’s ICS Notes, 2. Sir can you please share your copy of Anthropology answer writing daily +test copy you gave in l2a it will really help sir thank you. Answer Writing Practice and Test Series Looking at the paucity of time, rather than going for full tests. Email: info@sosinclasses.com. Are they good to get basic understanding?) Part IV: Indian Anthropology– Indian Anthropology by Nadeem Husnain– History of Anthropological Thought by Upadhyay and Pandey (for Prominent Indian Anthropologists)– Vaid’s ICS Notes– Abhik Ghosh’s Paper on Indian Anthropologists, 5. Hi everyone, Firstly, I am sorry for my late response to this question. Also, in the last one month, I emphasized on the practice diagrams and charts again and again. So, In order to plug the gaps in the preparation, I created a Question bank by combining the syllabus and previous year question papers. I suggest everyone should do this exercise manually to have a better understanding of the relative importance of topics. BRAIN TREE material - 3 volumes ( 3rd one not too much Tribal part) VAID Notes ( Only socio-cultural … It is high … While going through the syllabus and topper copies, I found that my notes were still missing certain topics and my content could be improved in some aspects. Yes it is time consuming but it is an important step as it helps you be focused around relevant content. Dont join this coaching… as a brother of all my serious civil aspirants i would say you will loose your time and money … I dont know how toppers gave credit to bala sir, in class they just explain things like a … Sosin mam of Hyderabad is also very well known for Anthropology. ( Like after the first reading of syllabus or during the first during reading ) A good approach they provided was to break up each topic in a set of questions and write answers for them. Answer Writing Practice and Test SeriesLooking at the paucity of time, rather than going for full tests. 3) epg pathshala, My optional is anthro and without coaching hw i start it sir plj guide me. 1. I have uploaded my sample notes. Test Series. GS Paper 1; GS Paper 2; GS Paper 3; GS … This helped in reducing in time required for creating better answers. Anthropology is being taught by Mr. N.P.KISHORE who did his Double Masters from UK and has a vast experience working in various multinational companies as a Scientist in UK. Please go through the corrected test series copies of Koya Sree Harsha Sir (I have given a link in the article above). I planned to wait till the marks are out. Section selection is very crucial for scoring high marks. I had planned to complete the first iteration of optional notes preparation by December 2017. In the tests I took, I could score between 100 to 125. Later, resumed this exercise post-Prelims. The primary focus of the teachers is to prepare the best test series for anthropology optional so that students can easily practice for prelim and main exam before appearing in them. I referred following sources while making my notes. Schedule of Test Series for IAS ’21Test 1: Social-Cultural Anthro: Jan 18, 2021 Test 2: Biological Anthro: Feb 7, 2021 Test 3: Comprehensive Paper 1: Feb 14, 2021 Keeping all the above points in mind, I would suggest you to continue with Zoology. Join @ on Telegram @CSBIAS all rights reserved | Design & develop by AmpleThemes Design & develop by AmpleThemes Halted this exercise in February end in order to make way for Prelims specific preparation. Human Fossil Studies, Cultural Evolution are presented with both Global and Indian perspectives. Part III: Archeological Anthropology– Indian Anthropology by Nadeem Husnain– Outline of Indian Prehistory by DK Bhattacharya– Muniratnam Sir Notes– Vaid’s ICS Notes, 4. In Paper II, Part I is considered more scoring, so 2 sections can be selected from this part for a better score overall. Hope it answer’s the question. Here are the links — Paper I & Paper IIThis exercise also helped in understanding the relative importance of each section with respect to the exam. 2. Repeated revisions and Daily Answer Writing Practice (between Prelims and Mains) to improve timing and presentation, Full test practice to ensure proper section selection in the final exam.

Flame Retardant Waterproofs, Axolotl Tiger Salamander Hybrid, Homes For Sale By Owner Sarpy County, Ne, Chains Of Mephistopheles Price History, Who Was Killed When The Philistines Captured The Ark?, Legacy Dragon Stompy, Chocolate Online Ireland,

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