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The hydrating ingredients in this conditioner will balance your hair’s pH levels, strengthen strands, and add undeniable shine to every coil. 4b hair seems to have a zig zag pattern. Healthy hair care practices are definitely, what helped me to achieve waist length hair. 42 Easy Natural Hairstyles You Can Create at Home, 30 Timeless Holiday Hairstyles You Can Recreate at Home, 40 Wedding Hairstyles Perfect For Brides With Long Hair, These Are 38 of the All-Time Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair, This Is the Coolest Way to Style Your Hair Right Now, These Experts Explain Exactly How to Identify Your Curl Type, 30 Low-Maintenance, Twisted Styles to Try Right Now, 50 Curly Mohawk Looks to Reference at Your Next Hair Appointment, 50 Stunning Cornrow Hairstyles to Scroll Through, 25 Short Natural Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look, Here's How to Do 8 Easy On-the-Go Curly Hairstyles, 40 Stunning Braids Inspired by Beyoncé's Iconic Lemonade Album, I Tried Hair Color Wax on My Natural Hair and Now I'm Hooked, What Is the LOC Method? The twists or braids can go toward the front, or toward the back. this was very informative, i just wish there were more examples of the actual products that may be used on the 4b type hair. Box braids can be one of the most time-consuming hairstyles to install, but they also have the lowest maintenance. They will arrive in a specially designed... Top 8 reasons your hair may not be growing, How to exactly determine your hair porosity, Steps you are missing in your hair routine. Please check your email for further instructions. I condition with aloe vera gel water with essential oils and seal with shea butter (melted and mixed with almond oil, black castor oil, jojoba and argan oil). Do you want long and moisturized 4b hair? A personal favorite shampoo is. If this is a look you’re into, you can get a similar look parting and brushing down a section of your hair. On a whim, I grabbed some scissors and went for it and have no regrets. It is a low-maintenance and fast style that can last a few days. 3 textures in Kinky, Coily, Curly for natural protective styles. Shampoos and conditioners are especially true – they don’t target between the three; they target different issues like dandruff, hair growth, low or … This mindset will help you streamline your product selection, usage, and expenses. 4c natural hair is the kinkiest hair texture in the type 4 hair family. We all know that it takes a lot of work to maintain our natural hair. Pretty useful information. It is best to stretch your hair without using heat if you don’t like the shrinkage. Because our tight coils and kinks do not allow for as much sebum or moisture distribution as, say loose curls or straight hair. To understand your natural hair, you must learn the exact nature, texture, and other factors to properly take care of your delicate hair locks. Your advice has really helped me with my hair. Avoid braiding the fine hair along your edges. Hair Textures. Since your hair is out of the way with this look, you can feel more than free to play around with makeup and accessories. Before getting into the specifics of a 4b hair care system, we need to first define what the 4b natural hair type is, and how it differs from 4a and 4c natural hair. Simple Natural Hair Regimen for Growing 4b/4c Hair. The Finest 4B - 4C Afro Kinky Hair That Matches Your Hair Type Just The Way You Like. Find natural hair textured wefts, closure, clip in hair extensions & wigs at Her Given Hair! We Provide Our 4B - 4C Virgin Hair Textures As Premium Fibre hair too. 4b. Hair typing is can be a useful resource when understanding how to best care for your hair. the way it feels). Add a vizor for a finishing touch and pull out a few tendrils if you don’t want to look styled. Instead of curling or coiling, the hair bends in sharp angles like the letter "Z" and often shrinks up to 75% of the actual hair length. Hello Loves, In today's video, I show you a real life demonstration between type 4b hair and type 4c hair. Although 4b and 4c hair share similarities, they’re distinct from one … 5. And if you’re somewhere on the Type 4 spectrum, you may be wondering what’s the difference between 4b hair vs 4c. This is a VERY DETAILED NATURAL HAIR VIDEO! One of the best cleansers you could use in your hair is a cleansing conditioner.While cleansing conditioners are gentle on your curls and do help with retaining moisture while washing, this doesn’t mean that you should rule out shampoo completely. How Do I Rock My Natural Hair? We love this look because it serves two purposes. Click Here. This is the 4th of 4 THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THEIR HAIR. 4B hair is extremely kinky. It can range from fine/thin to wiry/coarse with lots and lots of strands densely packed together. All hair types grow at the same rate, but type 4 hair breaks more than other hair types. 4A, 4B, and 4C are different but share several similarities. These strands have sharp bends and are tightly coiled, and can be wiry to the touch. It is very common to also have 4A curls mixed in as well. See more ideas about Natural hair styles, Curly hair styles, Natural hair inspiration. You’ll fall in love with your curls when they are healthy, moisturized, and easier to manage. Kinky hair (think: 4A, 4B, and 4C) can be the most fragile of hair types and prone to the most breakage. Support the naturally-rounded shape of 4B hair with a bandana or satin hair scarf. Type 4B hair textures are very similar to 4A hair but this texture has less … Type 4 hair is the hair type that most black women have. However, excessive heat use will lead to damage, so it’s best to have patience and use a no-heat method. Deman brush for natural hair: there are numerous options available in the market, so knowing which one to buy can be a tough Choice. If you still find that shampoos cause your hair to become dry and brittle, you should switch to co-washing. Queens with 4b natural hair can have up to 70 % shrinkage, and the curls are prone to dryness. What is 4b Natural Hair? 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,036. Every natural can probably benefit from this tip, but it is especially important for type 4B/4C hair.

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