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yamaha keyboard volume problem

Posté par le 1 décembre 2020

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It would really help if you can locate the schematics. If someone else has a similar problem, by all means, try their solution. With the reviews it got, I expected something better, but at least it does the job. Problem all fixed! Her method worked! Post well focused photos of the insides of the unit. But it didn't work for me. All Eb and A's stopped working, turned it on it's side, tapped a few times, now it works!! So I stand it vertically and play them while conected (slowly moved) and they started to work. Make sure the speaker setting is set to “Normal” or “ON.”. The negative lead is connected to a point lower in voltage than the positive lead. The Lord truly spoke to Diana. However, I've been banging for a good 30 minutes now to no avail. keyboard or MIDI Song. I own a DGX 205, and problems with the A & Eb in every octive not working. I had the same problem--same keys in different octaves were dead. on it 4 years ago! Midi problem with master volume on Rev 2 and ... but every time I change programs or change the volume of a part on the Yamaha, suddenly the master volume on the Rev 2 also changes. Post any links to the service manual. I … E and b flat keys below middle C have no sound. So an adapter problem is definitely a likely possibility. watch This video & you will fix your keyboard .dust & moisture kill your electronics always try to clean your room & instrument clean. Diana, I don't know what kind of dream you had, but I thank you for sharing it. after running my palm on the keys, there now seems to be a few more keys dead. Tried Diane's tip as well, as the fellow I just sold my keyboard to rang to say two keys all the way down the keyboard weren't working. I also removed the batteries just to make sure that they weren't the source of my power as oppose to the A.C. adapter. At first I forgot to tap the underneath portion of the keyboard. Dust is probably the reason why. Thank you all for the comments about keyboard keys not working. JavaScript is disabled. I did the same, kept vertically played keys one by one, started to work one by one. Turn off the piano. Though this works I think that for the $2,400 I paid for it, THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE & YAMAHA OWES US AN EXPLANATION & FIX FOR IT!!!! Thanks, Diane. It worked for me too .. There are several different types of keys used on the Yamaha keyboards, so you will need to make sure you order the correct style (click on the link for your keyboard below). I actually felt kind of stupid doing it in front of my son but since it works he thinks I am a miracle man. REMARKABLE!!! Along with that, photos of the actual unit will give us some idea of the design and layout of all components. I will get a replacement and confirm if it is a success. Thank you so much...I have to play for an important event tomorrow and wasn't sure what to do when my keyboard 'A's' and E flats suddenly stopped working - then I found this thread and all is well and working again! Well, turning the keyboard on end didn't work. Amazing! I punched it and mine worked. - Normal: The speaker will sound only if headphones are not connected. They worked on Windows 8.1 before I upgraded to windows 10. My piano wont turn on. So I put everything back carefully, tipped it on it's side, and voila! Came here to get a clue before putting it in the shop. Speaker might not be an issue because I've tried connecting external speakers directly at the solderings inside the keyboard, still no sound. Worked perfectly. Awesome tips. purchased a YPG 235 76 keys, all the E's to the right of middle C stopped working, I also turned the the keyboard vertically and wiggled the E note near my hands and toward the top and, at first nothing happened, then I wiggled them all with just a touch of force and believe it or not, It worked, thanks Diane! When different voices, songs style, demo are all selected, the display displays the selection appropriately. The negative polarity is usually indicated with minus symbol. I did not want to take it apart, so I banged on the back as suggested. My A key and E flat key wasn't sounding. after a LOT of troubleshooting, it would seem that the problem was a faulty electrolytic capacitor (component C217 on the AM board schematics). Any help with this tipping fix method would be super. 37 - Expansion For installing Expansion Packs for adding extra contents downloaded from the website or created on your own by using the Yamaha Expansion Manager, or restoring the pre-installed Expansion Contents. Thank you!! Then if it still happens, I'll be glad I only spent $499. I have a similar situation with my Yamaha Motif xs6 where every C and F# key will sound when pressed and sustain (without the sustain pedal pressed), then not play again. fixed the Eb and A by opening the keyboard and cleaning it (the dream is not working). I have a yamaha keyboard YPT 200 and when i turn it on,. And I almost gave up and searched for specialist around my place and I read this. Does anyone know how to fix it. Thank you to the solution finder ! I thought ill just give it a try to diane's tip and I just cant believe that it worked for me. PSR-E333 keyboard B and F keys not working by: tesalonica I have a yamaha keyboard PSR-E333, not a piano. [NOTE] The name “Normal” for this setting may be called “Headphone Switch” or “Auto” depending on the model. Any suggestions? Woot. Yup, no Eb or A working in all octaves on our DGX-505. Spam is everywhere nowdays, All my Es and Bbs above middle C stopped working. BT socket with a new "splitter" socket without success, SUCCESS STORIES: Repair thermoelectric cooler. Join in and write your own page! Since keyboards have line-level, low-impedance outputs, it’s best to get a low-impedance (low-Z) volume pedal (examples include the BOSS FV-500L and FV-30L). I'm taking it in. (Winchester, CA USA). Once in a while my DGX-230's all F# and C keys to the right of middle C would stop working, after trying to turn it off and on also even resetting it to the manufacturer original setting didn't fix the problem, then I ran my palm across all the white keys from last key on the right to last key on the left, amazingly fixed the problem and since then I had the same issue once again and doing the palm trick fixed it again. Took about ten minutes of "messing around," including rattling or wiggling the unit or case as well as the keys repeatedly until suddenly all keys came to life suddenly. Tipping it on it's side (low notes down) and banging on the back fixed all of my E keys in about 0.2 second :00000. I don't believe I have broken or bad contact pads. Stood it on its side and smacked it from underneath the problem keys and it started working again! Join in and write your own page! There was no change in Behavior. Hi Bill, I just wanted to chime in real quick here. Same thing happened with my DGX230, and I fixed the problem by running and pressing the white key from one end to other end couple times with fast motion and that resolved the issue. 😭. I find the fact that all they suggest is replacing the motherboard (which is unlikely to work & most people could buy another keyboard for the cost of parts & labor) to be an insult to our intelligence & disrespectful to a great many customers as evidenced on this website. I got the keys working back using the hair dryer method. I believe i'm through with Yahama. My Motif is back to doing the same thing, i.e. I tried to turn it vertically and shook it nothing still I turned on the other side and shook nothing now my next step is to open it up maybe luck will find me. I couldn't fathom that Diane's trick would help---it made no sense. Simply click here to return to Yamaha DGX Keyboards Discussions. I turned it upside down as mentioned (lower octaves at the bottom) and restarted. Help please. Diane's suggestion didn't work for me. They never did tell me what the problem was but it is fixed now. Standing on side works for exact same problem!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope its a perm. WOW I am so happy. Tested and it was all better! View and Download Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-660 owner's manual online. Dead keys Bb B E F below middle C. I checked for continuity from the contact all the way to the DM circuit board ribbon cable. Avoid using WD40 or any other chemical cleaner as they can do more harm than good. Who knows how many others are out there who haven't found this page. I'm hoping a real solution will get posted. It has been really humid here in the last couple of weeks and I don't know if that will affect it. I tried putting it in a vertical postion...low and behold...TaDaaaa! Thanks. Will try Dianne's solution, tipping it on the side, before I open it! I recently traveled with my yahama keyboard I set it up and the e and b flat keys no sound every octave omg panic. If the condition persists, kindly check with your Yamaha dealer or refer to qualified Yamaha service personnel for servicing. Problem solved! Keyboard & Piano Forums Yamaha's Latest PSR SX Keyboards Yamaha's PSR SX Keyboards - Check out these latest keyboards, and get the latest news and views! Had the EXACT same problem. Restart the computer if you are prompted to do this. Did Diane's thing and it worked. Every B, C, and E,F on each octaves don't play if I hold the first of these notes: I am an electronic engineering technician. My dgx-505. Help! My Yamaha psr 85 has no sound. Saved paying out money to get it fixed. It worked! Any hints as to what's causing this some gigs coming up! Thanks so much! Same problem. Chip. i cannot get this fix to work for me. This was a last ditch effort before taking it apart and vacuuming the inside, but it worked! ... .Does it need a new AC adapter cord, or is there a problem with the keyboard? Thanks so much!! Initially I thought it was the batteries, but then i plugged it up and still no change. C and F# in all octaves. When one cracks slightly or gets dirty it affects others. every C & F# key striking once at full velocity (no matter how hard I press it) and sustaining, then no more response from the key. If I jiggle the keyboard or move it around a little, both notes usually resume playing. I found the solution to the problem. Tipping the keyboard onto its side did the trick when some keys aren't working. The brand is JH - 16v 100pU, but that is just 0-google match. No lead is ground. They are all connected on a circuit board under the membrane. I have a similar problenm with my yamaha motif sx6 where every D# and A key will sound whenn pressed and sustain then not play again.what is the! I hear crap rolling around in there, too. I have had similar problems with a Yamaha keyboard. Unplug the power adapter and sustain pedal from the keyboard...wait 15 to 20 seconds...Hold the power button down while plugging in ONLY the power adapter and continue holding the power button down 5 seconds or so after plugging the adapter back in. It's easy to do. It looks like my little one banged the 505 pretty hard. Many thanks Diana. Had to use my big You must log in or register to reply here. the Yamaha DGX 660 is turned on by checking the power plug and the power button; the “MASTER VOLUME” control is not set at “MIN”. Click here to check out my new piano/keyboard lessons ebook. all my A keys didnt work . Thank you for the reply! 5 on 1 vote . ... daughter's DGX-505, B flats and Es to the left of middle C. Stood it on its side, tapped underneath the keyboard a few times while tapping the inop keys... BAM, they now work! Diana's dream worked for me as well. Wherever you are Diana, God bless you! This worked flawlessly and would like to thank you because she uses her keyboard to help cope with her depression, and being able to get it back to her quickly was very important to me. Bro, I'm not gonna lie we just friggen banged our fists on it out of frustration and the thing works after 3 months broken. Frustrated No More provided a solution that worked very well for me. A and E flat in every octave randomly stopped working. In the past few months, the E-flat and A keys stop working in all octaves. All of a sudden C and F# not working in all octaves. The sound is great and the volume gets pretty loud at least in my opinion. My auto accompaniment keeps coming on my Yamaha DGX 660. Would like a more permanent fix. thanks for the tip! I'm gonna try Diane's Dream Trick. This was my 3rd yamaha keyboard. The problem could be that the keyboard isn't receiving power properly, i.e. I also searched the internet for this problem and found someone else with the exact same problem, the exact same keys. My fix right now is to rapidly press the key up/down and it returns to the normal touch sensitivity. The trick of vertical standing did work very well after few minutes. I had the same problem as one with an earlier comment. Thank You. Had to try a couple of times before it worked ! Bahahahaha. my DGX 505 has a problem not mentioned here. Anyone have any quit smoking success stories. Going can i solve that. Introducing a new standard for keyboardists: the YC stage keyboard and CP stage piano. Korg EXP-2 After my Bb & E keys in the top 4 octaves stopped working, I was about ready to trash the thing and buy a used one on Craigslist. I shook it a little and it began sounding again. then when I'd play middle B flat, middle b flat and middle B would sound. All of my E and Bb keys above middle C do not work. All of my C's and F# played at full volume no matter how hard I pressed. Thank you again!! Does any one have the YAMAHA Repair manual for the P125?? 40 Keyboard/Joystick Determines the Touch Response of the keyboard and Joystick-related settings. For example, the YAS-21 student-grade alto saxophone of the 1970s was superseded by the YAS-23 and YAS-25 saxophones during the 1990s. it did not work right away. After him paying me for a keyboard meant to be in mint condition, I was freaking out! tried Diana's trick, great for at least 1 day, so far! After that I used compressed air to clean out underneath. We also pressed down the keys (while still sideways) and rapped again just to be sure. I know, it makes no sense at all. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A few days ago, middle B stopped working. Swapped it out and the exact same keys still not working. I have never noticed behavior like this with any other keyboard. I tried standing my 235 on its side and the keys worked, but when i put it back on the stand they stopped working again. Diane saved my gig her trick works! God is moving in her life y’all! and it actually works–for a time. went inside and cleaned the contacts on my DGX-205. Then press the problem key, keep it pressed and turn on the piano. I tried the Diana dream solution and that didn't work either. After spending countless hours researching dozens of models, we think the Yamaha PSR-EW300 is the best Yamaha keyboard.Its 76-key touch sensitive keyboard is excellent for both beginner and intermediate players, with a wide range of notes, tones, capabilities, and expressions. Electrolytic capacitors have markings on the body to indicate polarity. Diane's solution worked for us, too! Subsequently, you will also be able to transfer files and record music from the keyboard on … Thanks. How? moving down the keyboard likely freeing up whatever contacts were affected. Take that sucker and shake it sideways! For all other customers outside the United States please visit Yamaha at and select the appropriate country. It worked for me. With the exception of the Top C note on the 61-note keyboards, all keys from octave to octave are identical, and all black keys within a given style are identical. Your my daughters superhero. I immediately had to stop and thank God for giving you such a dream to help us all with this problem. Yes! Apparently this is an ongoing problem...Had the same thing on my DGX-203. Now I should be able to do the job, Update: After replacing the two capacitors everything works! Tried the tipping technique and many glissandos, unplugging/replugging power supply, etc. For this magical tipping solution, how long and how hard do you have to bang on it? This is a list of products made by Yamaha Corporation.. it has no sounds on the keyboards … Is this fix is to move the dust around? But then even banging didn't of the bunches. Yes, Diane's dream worked for me too. Then one more search online brought me to this line of posts. Check out How To Read Music Fast: A 4-Step Beginner's Guide To Reading Music Quickly And Easily. I had the same problem with my yamaha key board. This site is full of spam suggestions. That's just crazy! The volume control is at maximum. I thought it seemed crazy....but I set the keyboard on it's side vertically. It doesn't happen to often on my DGX230 but few times that it has, pressing down and moving index finger/palm fast from one end to the other has fixed the problem for me, and I'm assuming is due to dust getting between the key contacts but maybe not because most of the time are the same keys that don't sound. Portable Keyboards. Turning it on its end/side (lower bass keys down) and rapping on the underside of the keyboard did the trick! Can you please tell me where you bought the c216 and c217 capacitors, because I can't find it any place. Put it vertically and pressed the two keys that were not working - they started working. yeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! DGX-505. Also if I played a C, the B and G immediately below it wouldn't work while holding the C. There were other crazy things happening as well. It's easy to do. Click here to learn how to play keyboards and piano (with Piano For All). When I tipped it on its side, I heard all these things (coins, little trinkets, etc.) In all likelyhood, the rubber stripping is starting to get old. It worked. Yamaha FC7 Foot Pedal - Volume Expression Accent Keyboard Foot Control 5 out of 5 stars (51) 51 product ratings - Yamaha FC7 Foot Pedal - Volume Expression Accent Keyboard Foot Control Fixed it the first time! All E's and Bb on the entire keyboard are out! but it DID work and I am VERY grateful to the original poster and this community in general. I got the problem. then worked again. Please note that many of the items listed here are no longer in production. Nice job of fixing your problem. There are several different types of keys used on the Yamaha keyboards, so you will need to make sure you order the correct style (click on the link for your keyboard below). If it gets worse, I'll disassemble and blow out/clean contacts. All my E and B flat keys have no sound and signal after I moved it from one place to another. Just seen all the guys below with the same problem as me. Factory resets don't fix. I tried standing the keyboard vertically and wiggling, pressing...nothing worked. I had this problem for a long time and banging it helped for a year. Your suggestion was the, My daughter was goin slap freakazoid after her 235 went berserk. Thank you and bless you, Diane, you're an angel!!! Tried tipping the keyboard did not help. I think it might be a factory part malfunction. The following may be available on your instrument. Come on at full volume then sustain and fade out then don't sound again. thanks dianna. It solved the problem for me. We will try our best to fix your problem. As a last ditch effort I tried the solution by Dianne and YES!! Highly recommend the hair dryer to solve this problem. I tried uprighting the keyboard gave it a good shake, any yea! ... Yamaha Technical Support Tele #1-714-522-9011 shortly. The major problem that first-time Yamaha keyboard users generally face is how to record their keyboard on a computer. I was about to unscrew I found this site. I was in the middle of a writing session and when all my b flats crapped out on me.. as fuming for a few I looked on here and read your trick.. bam it worked.. thank you. I have a Yamaha DGX-505 keyboard that I connect with a Mac Pro for composing. Can you recommend something to fix this? Reading everyone else's suggestion tipping and hair dryer it makes me feel like all these suggestions are related to dirty contacts and moving dust around usually has fixed the problems, but I have never disassembled the keyboard. I will recheck them. My solution for the last year or so has been to bang on one of those dead E or Bb keys until it starts working. Had to tap it had after tilting it on both sides. Your a damn genius. This makes no sense and I'm very disappointed in Yamaha's product. So when we finally found a buyer for it, we turned it on to make sure it was working properly and the E and B flat keys weren't working! I found a solution on another webpage. Worked like magic! I had posted earlier that every C and F# key was sticking, i.e., they would strike hard and sustain without playing again. Yamaha - troubleshoot with keyboard. Hello. any other ideas or tips. cleaning contacts, banging on the back. Amazing!!!! On Yamaha Arius 141, lowest Fa# did not work. Over 2,000 each. I read the trick that Diana person recommended and I thought no way it would work for me. HEEEEEELP!!! i was getting a bit desperate about my busted E and B flat keys on my yamaha psr e303 and how much i'd have to fork out for repairs or a new one ... my googling for "how to fix" brought me here ... and may i say to diane, if you have a dream with next week's lottery numbers can u pls post them ? I`m the owner of DGX660. :). diane's suggestion doesn't work for me. I was ready to buy my son a new keyboard as he has a gig tomorrow. Tried all these solutions on my DGX 230, none of which helped. If the problem is a contact issue – some of the notes won’t play, or the volume is uneven or too loud – it’s a sign the contacts need to be cleaned. then when I'd play middle B flat, middle b flat and middle B would sound. My DGX 505 JUST started doing the E flat not working thing...I did it...stood it vertical just for a second hit the key...sound...put it back normal...working like a charm...that is the craziest thing. Took them 10 days and cost about $100. 314: 52: Yamaha keyboard prices. I have the same problem with my YPG 225, A and E flat don't work many times unless I bang it around. I have a YPG-235 Portable Grand. at first, i was fixing a key coz it has no sound. I got a yamaha ypg-235 and had this problem with my D and d# notes.

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